Going Bigger with Packaging

We recently completed a project for a client that involved some oversized containers. The objects inside weren’t any bigger than usual, but by going larger in our packaging, we were able to accomplish a few things that will have a positive impact on their operation down the road.


Here’s a few ways that switching to larger packaging might be able to help you out:


Lower storage fees

When you switch to a larger container, if you do it correctly, you can fit more items in a box. Depending on the logistics of your storage space (dimensions of the room, shelving, etc.), you can get a greater total number of items in a space. This can reduce your per-item cost for storage.


Lower shipping fees

Much like the lowered storage fees, it’s possible to adjust your packaging to fit more items on a truck or train car, thereby reducing your overall shipping costs.


Lower packaging costs

Depending on the specifics of your packaging, it’s possible that larger-scale packing could save some of the overall packaging expense. In some circumstances, this could be a route towards saving, but not every time. This factor really depends on the particular needs of the item being packed.


Lower overall per-item cost

If you’ve been able to lower your storage, transport, and packaging costs, the final cost for your customer can come down. This offers the very real possibility of expanding your business by offering essentially the same product for a reduced price.


Going big isn’t necessarily all good news. If it’s something you’re considering, then you have to consider some of the limitations that might rule out large-format packaging as an option. Some of those drawbacks include:


Storage Logistics

Moving into larger-scale packaging isn’t always possible for every product. The dimensions of your storage space, or even the size or strength of your shelves might make this idea a non-starter. And if the box is too heavy for a forklift, pallet-jack, the inconvenience of the design might outweigh any cost savings.


What’s the ideal pack-size for your customers?

It’s an interesting thought experiment to see how packing more items into a larger box could change your operation, but what do your customers think? Think of this as the Costco dilemma – you can save a lot of money by buying 100 rolls of toilet paper at a time, but if you have a small house, where do you put 100 rolls of toilet paper? Your customers aren’t much different. If they only stock three or four units of a particular product, they may not be excited to see that you’ve changed the pack size and now you only offer them in lots of 30. Your plan to save money could end up costing you valuable sales.


So maybe going big isn’t the right choice for everyone. The various considerations we’ve covered in this blog are the same kinds of concerns we go through every day when creating the best packaging solutions for our customers. Much like the contents inside the box, these packaging solutions are very seldom suitable for a one-size-fits-all solution.


But in the end, the talented staff at Western Industries are always able to find the perfect way to pack nearly anything. Helping our clients streamline their logistics process is part of what we do, and if your process could stand a bit of improved efficiency, get in touch with us and we can look at all the variables to help you find the best way to move forward.

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