Our solutions are created with strategy and designed for success. Each of our projects goes through the following steps:

Assessment & Analysis

We follow a linear approach to the analysis of new opportunities to better understand all of your requirements and help identify the best-fit solution. Our team takes a comprehensive look at your supply chain to identify ways for total cost reduction.


Our team has in-house packaging designers at each facility allowing us to work with your team to design the best fit solution for your application.

Modelling & Simulation

Our team uses the latest CAD and modeling software to provide pre-production approvals of a design to keep costs low. We can import your product models to show packaging pre-production to speed up project cycle times and ensure proper fitment, or provide design specs to use for your internal quality control system.


Each of our facilities has prototyping capabilities to provide one-off or small production runs. This helps to avoid costly die charges for small batch orders and ensures the product meets your specifications before any non-recurring investment in dies for larger orders.

Testing & Validation

Our in-house testing facilities can perform drop, vibration, and impact testing to validate designs before they go into the field. We can use accelerometers to determine exactly how many G’s your product will take in your distribution environment. This helps you avoid costly delays and damaged product.

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