Going Green

Material Packaging Solutions for the 21st century means incorporating sustainability at every step of the process.

Western Industries Corporation is and has always been a company that considers the impact of its business on the environment. As such, we have remained committed to continuous improvement in this area and consistently seeking new ways to conserve and protect the environment from negative impacts caused by our business. All of Western Industries’ branches welcome the opportunity to participate in this green initiative.


The following materials are stored, shredded, compressed, bailed, or palletized and shipped to recyclers:

  • Corrugated Paper
  • Wood & Saw Dust
  • Polyurethane Foam (for carpet pad manufacturers)
  • White Polyethylene Foam (for trash bags, bins, etc.)
  • Colored Expanded Polyethylene Foam
  • Waste/used hydraulic fluids from equipment
  • Office Paper
  • Empty 55-gallon drums

Eco-friendly facilities

  • Composting – Grass clippings from our lawn maintenance are returned to the grass
  • Technology – We use efficient building controls to minimize water, gas, and electricity usage.
  • Equipment – We Invest in more energy efficient vehicles & equipment is made to minimize our carbon footprint

Eco-friendly workspace habits

  • Reduce business travel. – We often hold meetings in multiple countries or states; meaning a lot of air travel, hotel costs and food expenses. We reduce our business travel by using web conferencing where possible; instead holding virtual meetings via the internet.
  • Office Environment – We use efficient building controls to ensure minimal water, HVAC, and electricity usage
  • Reducing printed documents – Whenever possible we use electronic signatures on digital contracts and documents.

Eco-minded engineering and material repurposing

  • Engineering – Our engineering team practices design techniques that reduce the amount of material in a product, provide reusability, if possible, and facilitate recycling programs.
  • Repurpose – Our saw dust is saved to use as an absorbent in the event of fluid spills and scrap materials are reused when possible.
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