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Supply Chain Issues

The supply chain can be hard to explain to someone who’s never felt the pinch of trying to meet the demand of customers while struggling to get much-needed inventory from suppliers. Bottlenecks and space limitations can easily lead to supply issues, and those supply issues will eventually impact the bottom line. They may even put

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From Start to Finish – The WIC Process

Write what you know. It’s a classic bit of advice, and we decided to follow it because we’re not writers, we’re in the business of helping you be your best. We love our jobs, we really do. We also think that you can see that passion in our finished product, but what really gets us

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Materials and the Environment

If you’re old enough to remember when McDonalds used styrofoam containers for their burgers, then you know that the environmental impact of packaging has been a concern for almost 40 years. Today, almost any operation uses some sort of packaging, so it’s something that everyone needs to factor into their business plan. Western Industries is

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Packaging Large Components

Delivery is a lot harder than most people think. From pizzas to airplanes, even when you do everything right in your shop, if the delivery isn’t top-notch, you can end up with a compromised product and less-than-enthusiastic customers. One of our business partners manufactures aircraft components, and sometimes those pieces can get pretty large. Recently

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Packing Optimization

When we do what we do best, we create win-win situations. Not too long ago we had the chance to help a client who had been stuck in the proverbial rut when it came to packing up, warehousing, and shipping their manufactured goods. For years they had been using solid wooden crates to ship their

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WIC Reynosa Moves Into New Factory

In August, WIC’s Reynosa division opened a new state of the art facility, expanding the capabilities and size of their operation in the region. Grupo WIC, the wholly owned subsidiary of Western Industries Corporation (WIC), completed an important expansion to their manufacturing operation to support continued growth in the Mexico market. The new facility will

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