WIC Medical: Our PPE Products Including Face Shields

We’ve been talking lately about how WIC is branching out into the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) arena. This new venture has been a great challenge, but being able to use our particular skills and quickly pivot into offering a product that is desperately needed and can really make a difference is a challenge we have been more than happy to accept.


“Normal” hasn’t returned yet, but the world is slowly trying to press forward and find ways to return to our regular rhythms. Schools are trying to get kids back into that educational frame of mind, and businesses everywhere are shifting their standard practices to meet the needs of their customers. As people keep working on the resumption of regular routines, we’re here to do what we can to make those routines possible.


We’ve recently opened wicmedical.com, a site that allows us to offer our PPE products to the public. Presently we’re just offering face shields, but we have plans in the works to keep on growing.


We’ve recently just entered into a deal where we’ll be providing our WIC Medical face shields to a government agencies including in both Oklahoma and Kansas. We’re very proud to be able to help them in their efforts to get back to work, and we’re especially proud of everyone on the Western Industries staff. 


When the pandemic started, WIC, just like you, wasn’t entirely sure what we were dealing with. We had to play it by ear and make quick choices to protect our staff while still finding a way to meet the needs of our customers. But in classic WIC fashion, our staff took this change in stride. Remote work and staggered schedules became the norm, but everyone found their own way to help keep our operation moving forward. This sort of can-do attitude made things easy when we decided to use the tools and materials at hand to begin producing face shields.


As things move forward, we’re planning on expanding the capacity of WICMedical, hopefully adding new products and new production spaces that allow us to offer more to our customers. Because of the rigorous standards applied to the production of medical equipment, down the road we’re looking at the possibility of adding a clean-room-style production space that will allow us to exercise our talents while still maintaining medical-grade levels of consistency. It will challenge us to take our skills to the next level, but that sort of challenge is what we’re always looking for.


We also hope to expand our list of products and the quantities of said products that we can produce, putting domestically produced PPE products within the reach of customers all across the country. They’ll have a product that’s affordable, effective, and made in the USA.


What can WIC produce that might help you with your operation? Don’t be shy – we’d love to hear from you, and we always enjoy the opportunity to sit down and brainstorm solutions with our clients. Give us a call and let’s see what we can build to make your operation a success! 

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