From Start to Finish – The WIC Process

Write what you know. It’s a classic bit of advice, and we decided to follow it because we’re not writers, we’re in the business of helping you be your best.

We love our jobs, we really do. We also think that you can see that passion in our finished product, but what really gets us fired up is the process. Analyzing, dissecting, and (hopefully) improving a process is something really exciting. So excited, in fact, that’s where we’ve decided to take this blog. We’re going to give you a little insight into what we do at WIC, and possibly you can see what we can do for you.

Ideally, our process is broken into a few different phases.



The first is the analysis phase. We not only look at the items you want to package, but we also look at your handling, inventory, and shipping practices. We want to give you the most effective product possible, and sometimes that means going into your facility and seeing just how they sit on the shelves to really get a feel for what’s going to work best.



Using the industry’s best design tools, we’ll do all the sketching, models, and rendering needed to come up with the perfect container, cushioning, and component products. We may not have anything physical to show you just yet, but we promise, it’s getting close.



Now it’s time to get hands-on. Once we’ve settled on a design, we get to work bringing it into the real world. Our in-house facilities provide a variety of machines that can precisely cut the designs using foam, wood, corrugated paper or plastic. This is where we find out how well we did during the design phase. We’ll evaluate our designs, and if it seems that we need to start over, then we can return to the design phase to make a few adjustments. Then we keep on prototyping until we think we’re ready for testing.



Our products are all about function. If they don’t work, they just aren’t right. We can simulate the pressures and situations that a packaged object will encounter during its life. We can crush it, drop it, shake it, spin it, and generally abuse it until we’re sure that the container has done its job. Other parts of the job are more satisfying, but this is the part that’s the most fun.


If you want to see about finding a better way to handle your products you should definitely give us a call! We’d love to sit down and discuss how this process can be put to work in order to save you money and streamline your inventory process.

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