Materials and the Environment

If you’re old enough to remember when McDonalds used styrofoam containers for their burgers, then you know that the environmental impact of packaging has been a concern for almost 40 years. Today, almost any operation uses some sort of packaging, so it’s something that everyone needs to factor into their business plan. Western Industries is all about packaging, so you can be sure that we think about it more than most. Each of our branches is an active participant in our green initiative, and that initiative isn’t just about the packaging products we provide to our customers.

It starts with recycling

When it comes to packaging, we know that if you can do more with less, than that’s the way to go. This means that using our resources as efficiently as possible is just part of our mission, and recycling therefore is simply a natural extension of our process. Most of the materials we use can be shredded or broken down so we can bundle them in bulk and ship them to a dedicated recycling facility. This includes different foams, corrugated paper, plastics and wood products. Whenever possible we give our materials a second life, such as grinding used crating wood down into sawdust to be used instead of harsh chemicals to clean up spills around the shop or sending the shredded wood to animal bedding manufacturers.


Conserving is what we do

Part of our business model is to examine entire processes, and we apply that careful eye to our internal practices as well. We invest in energy efficient equipment and vehicles, and we employ smart-controls in all of our facilities to minimize energy and water use. We prefer electronic documents over paper, and we limit our air travel by having virtual meetings whenever possible. We even compost our grass clippings!


Care to go green with us?

Achieving sustainability, conserving resources, and reducing our overall carbon footprint isn’t just something we do on the weekends, it’s part of our everyday operations, and we can make it part of what you do too. When we partner with a client, we bring industry-leading techniques, materials, and training to bear on whatever issues they have to tackle. We can help you do more with less and move your operation in a direction that’s sustainable and more efficient at the same time.


Take a look at how we can work together, and we think we can add a bit of green to your business and your bottom line.

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