WICPack Gives Back

Every part of our organization is geared toward making things better. Some days, that means that we create improved solutions to house our customers’ products. Other days we’re working to help streamline our client’s supply chain providing a more efficient way for them to reach their customer base.

But when we’re not thinking about boxes or logistics, we’re still working to improve the communities that we call home.

One program that we’re particularly proud of is called WicPack Gives Back. Each of our facilities chooses how they will get involved and how to give back.

At our location in Reynosa, Mexico, the staff there had chosen to support an orphanage twice a year for the better part of a decade. Reynosa is a city of about half a million people just across the border from Brownsville, Texas. It’s a well-developed town, but like anywhere, it’s not without those who could use some help.

Volunteers at our Reynosa facility head out to the orphanage at least twice a year; once around Christmas, and once again in April.

In Mexico, every April 30th is known as Children’s Day or Dia de los Ninos. It’s a day where parents and grandparents would normally spoil their kids a little, but as these children don’t have a traditional family to celebrate with, we try to do our best to dote on them for the day.

What we do at the orphanage is pretty simple, but it means a lot to the children there. We’ll usually take about four or five staff from our local plant and we’ll spend the afternoon with the children reading and playing. We’ll bring them food and juice and milk, and as we’re usually there to coincide with major holidays, we’ll also bring wrapped toys for the kids.

There are usually about 50 to 55 children who live there, and their ages range from about 10 months to 13 years old. Like kids anywhere, they also need school supplies, so we try to set them up with pencils and paper and the sort of classroom essentials they need to help them with their studies.

Our charity programs also take blankets and essential toiletry needs to a nearby old folks home in Reynosa as well. Family is a big deal in Mexico, but there are those elderly residents whose children aren’t able to visit, and we like to be able to help and fill in that gap whenever it’s possible.

Western Industries is a multinational organization, but we’ve never lost sight of the fact that the communities where we work have been a part of our corporate culture from day one.

Each of our locations has programs similar to the one in Reynosa, with the local staff being able to choose how and when they direct these efforts so that they can really make their outreach worthwhile. These places are our homes, and being involved in their well-being is just a natural thing to do.

It’s important to us that we give back to the communities where we live, and if that’s something that’s important to you, contact us today to see how we can partner for success!

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