Custom Reusable Packaging

Custom Reusable Packaging

Custom Reusable Packaging spans across all sectors and is designed for lasting use.  Reusable packaging is constructed of durable materials such as plastic or wood. It is designed to achieve multiple uses through rigorous operations and logistics systems.

Custom Reusable Packaging

Custom Reusable Packaging reduces supply chain costs

  • Product Protection: Sturdy, reusable packaging reduces product damage during transit and handling
  • Space Efficiencies: Standardized designers optimize stacking efficiency for higher transport and storage space utilization
  • Labor Efficiencies: Designed to optimize both manual and mechanical handling (ie forklifts), reusable packaging reduces the time needed to perform supply chain activities

Without Custom Reusable Packaging, you will likely be:

  • Paying for extra packaging supplies to secure products in oversized containers
  • Paying to transport an oversized container which costs more per cubic foot
  • Paying to transport extra weight of an oversized package
  • Paying for single-use packaging that is disposed after one use

Custom Reusable Packaging offers Economic Benefits

  • Rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Reduces overall packaging costs
  • Reduces costs-per-trip
  • Reduces costly product damage
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Reduces inventory, requires less space
  • Improves transportation efficiency through standardized loads, resulting in fewer trips and reduced fuel costs


At Western Industries Corporation, we will work with you to optimize your custom reusable packaging solution and save you money. Our sales team is trained to complete a full assessment of your product and then our highly experienced packaging engineers will develop cost-effective packaging solutions. Contact us today!

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