Industrial Shrink-Wrap

Custom packaging designs are what we live for, and for WIC, there’s no packaging that’s more custom than industrial shrink-wrapping. You’ve probably already seen cars and boats covered in large-format shrink-wrap, but it’s not just limited to vehicles. Almost anything can be shrink-wrapped, and it’s far easier to accomplish than you might imagine.

We’ve wrapped jet engines, industrial devices, oil field equipment, and products that range from small to how-did-they-do-that large. We’re trying new things every day, and so far we haven’t found anything that can’t be wrapped.

It’s used across industries, from aerospace, automotive, high-tech, even food and beverage companies, HVAC production facilities, and medical device manufacturers all shrink-wrap their goods.

If you’re old enough to have ever bought a CD, then you’ve enjoyed the experience of clawing the case out of a plastic wrapper. Just like the aforementioned cars and boats, that CD is covered in shrink-wrap.

Unlike the stuff used on smaller objects, large-format shrink-wrap is usually made up of LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene), a plastic commonly used in anything from computer components to ice cube trays. The industrial version comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses that range from around six to ten millimeters.

LDPE is a great material because it offers resistance to moisture, scratching, and in some cases, it can also be treated to protect against sun-related UV exposure. It’s also possible to install industrial shrink-wrap with built-in vents that help minimize the risk of trapped moisture and mildew.

Applying this stuff is our favorite part of the process. There isn’t a giant shrink-wrapping machine, however, and you actually don’t need a lot of space or special equipment.

The application is quite simple. We take sheets of virgin plastic (the sheets come in sizes ranging from 1 to 50 feet wide), and we wrap them around the object. Once the object is wrapped, we just pass a hand-held propane torch over the plastic.

As the plastic is heated, it shrinks and begins to pull tight and conform to the shape of whatever’s inside. The plastic is fairly sensitive to the application of heat, so you’re not going to cook the contents while you’re getting the plastic in place.

Besides a sleek look and a fun installation process, there’s a lot of benefit to shrink-wrapping industrial items. The first, and most obvious, is protection. Shrink-wrapping keeps your objects safe from bumps, bruises, and the elements while it’s in storage or during transport. Unlike a tarp, shrink-wrap won’t rub or chafe, meaning that you get the gentlest protection possible.

That form-fitting cover also means that you’re using as little space as possible to cover and protect your object, so you’ve got more storage space in your warehouse and less weight on your truck. You can even put a pallet inside the shrink-wrapped cover, allowing for maximized mobility and protection.

Western Industries has been crafting custom packaging for years, and we’d love to apply those decades of experience to your products.

Get in touch with one of our specialists and let’s find a storage method that offers the best protection, affordable cost, and greatest mobility.

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