Digital Cutters

Digital cutters – one more tool to make your custom packaging dreams a reality

If you’re following us on LinkedIn or Instagram, you might have seen us recently showing off our digital cutter. If you’re not following us, pick up your phone and give us a follow. Our handle is @wicpack.

Now that you’re in the know when it comes to packaging, you’ve got to see our digital cutter in action to really get a sense of what it can do.

Much like a CNC router, a digital cutter features a fine cutting implement that is directed by ultra-precise software. A router employs a spinning blade, but a cutter usually uses an up-and-down motion, allowing for smaller, less destructive and more precise cuts.

Once the pattern is programmed into the application, the digital cutter can cut a variety of materials. Its uses are almost endless, and for the custom packaging business, it allows us to produce a variety of pieces that can be used to protect and pack our customer’s products.

But what does that really mean for you, the customer? How is a digital cutter going to help you? The effectiveness of this tool is going to be felt in a few key areas.

Reduced Set-up and Die Cost
In the past, if you wanted a very particular shape to something like a cardboard box or to a foam insert to go inside that box, you’d need to set up a big, expensive machine to get the job done and purchase an expensive cutting die, or multiple cutting dies. A digital cutter allows you to get that box or padding cut out without the cost or time required for industrial set-up and dies.

Easy Prototyping
Do you need that box and insert produced in such a large quantity? Then, a big industrial set-up is the way to go. Before you get there, you can test and tweak your designs easily and inexpensively by cutting them out digitally. The software applications easily make adjustments and track your changes, so when it’s time to scale up you know exactly what you’re getting and how to get it.

Amazing Precision
When you have tolerances that are measured in millimeters, some bubble wrap and a handful of foam peanuts just won’t do. A digital-driven cutter is the best way to get the precision that your products demand.

Integrates with Packaging Artwork
In the past, if you wanted graphics or artwork on your box, the shape of the container usually dictated the look of the art. With digital cutters, that’s not the case. The precision and capability of the blade gives you the ability to create unorthodox shapes that can support your visual design.

Sky’s the Limit!
The best part of a tool like the digital cutter is that you can choose from a sea of materials, apply nearly any shape, and you’ve got the piece that you need. And if a digital cutter can’t do it, the technology is moving so quickly that what’s difficult today will most likely be routine tomorrow.

Western Industries devotes a great deal of time and effort into making sure our customers have the greatest range of capabilities and materials when crafting their custom designs.

Show us what you’re packaging or process needs might be, and we’re positive that we can get you something that’s going to keep your business moving forward.

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