Protective Packaging Systems

What’s the best way to protect products during shipping? Unless your product is highly durable and fits tightly into a box, your package will likely need void fill, cushioning or protective packaging material to make sure everything arrives intact. Not only does WIC provide a robust range of materials to fulfill your unique packaging needs, but we also provide effective packaging systems as an additional solution to protecting your product.


Protective packaging fills several purposes during shipping including:


  • – Taking up extra space in the box to prevent items from shifting
  • – Cushioning items from shocks
  • – Protecting fragile edges & corners
  • – Protecting items from scratches


WIC carries a wide range of protective packaging systems. The right choice in protective packaging protection depends on what you are shipping, how much space you need to fill and what kind of functionality you desire. These systems are designed specifically for operators and packers, and the machines are reliable, cost-effective, time-efficient and user-friendly:


  • – Void fill and cushioning solutions
  • – On-demand paper, foam & inflatable systems
  • – Fabrics
  • – Bubble on demand
  • – Void fill
  • – Cushioning
  • – Blocking & bracing
  • – Foam-In-Place


We can help you find the best materials for void fill, cushioning or blocking and bracing to ensure that your products arrive safe and sound. Contact us to learn more

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