Being Essential and Being Smart in the Age of Covid-19

We’re all feeling it, and there’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most disruptive things that has happened to our country in years. Just like you, we’re trying to figure out how to deal with this force of nature every day.

Because WIC is heavily involved in the packaging of thousands of products, our presence in the supply chain has allowed us to continue operating as a business that’s essential to critical infrastructure. We’re fortunate that we’re able to keep working, but we’ve had to make some serious changes recently. We thought we might share some of these new practices with you and possibly give you some ideas of things that you might be able to implement to help create a safer workplace for your staff during this unusual time.

Here’s a few things we’ve tried, and they might even work for you:

Staggering shifts and breaks – Since physical proximity can help the virus spread, we’ve simply limited how many people are in the building at the same time. Some come in early, others choose to work late. You can also change shift lunch and break schedules to reduce congestion in the break room. While we’re talking about ways to increase social distance . . . 

Remote meetings whenever possible – By now we’ve all had an experience or two with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, but you already understand how these meetings can help. What we want to stress is the whenever possible part of this suggestion. Remote meetings used to be options that we employed when we had no other choice. Our national situation has changed, and it’s to everyone’s benefit if you consider remote meetings as the first choice for every meeting.

Have a plan to respond when an employee tests positive

Being prepared offers multiple benefits, not the least of which is giving your staff the peace of mind that comes from knowing what to expect. This whole pandemic-period has been fraught with uncertainty from the very beginning. Panic is a distraction that robs attention and confidence, but it can be easily remedied with just a bit of foresight. Let your staff and customers know that you’ve got a plan for their safety, and the days will be easier for everyone.


Talk to your vendors, talk to your bankers, talk to your customers, talk to the company in the next office. There have been very situations in our recent memory where everyone was affected by something, but now we’re all going through this together. When you keep those lines of communication open, you’ll find new sources of support and people that you can help along the way. Communication is key for both businesses and individuals to survive this crisis.

Western Industries has a pretty good track record at planning for the future, but even we can’t tell you how things are going to play out. One way or another, this is all going to pass, and we look forward to seeing you and your organization safely on the other side.

Until then, stay safe, and if WIC can help you out, just give us a call.

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