Sustainable Manufacturing

We are constantly focusing on ways to reduce our environmental impact and strive for sustainable manufacturing. Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.


At Western Industries Corporation, we pursue sustainability initiatives not only to increase our operational efficiency but to improve and reduce our ecological footprint. There are many ways in which WIC practices sustainability within our factory setting. Here are three examples:


Polyethylene (PE) Foam 

Excess PE foam pieces are collected and recycled. Though a heat recycling process, the PE foam is melted down and new raw material is created.



Wood scraps are repurposed to make mulch and animal bedding. A centralized dust collector collects sawdust and is repurposed for the manufacturing of fuel pellets.



Scrap corrugated paper is collected and recycled. In the recycling process, the paper is broken down into a slurry to create new raw material.


Not only does sustainable manufacturing have a positive impact on the planet, but it challenges WIC to constantly innovate!

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