Process & Supply Chain Analysis – More than just a Packaging Company

While the easiest way to sum up Western Industries is to say, “We make custom packaging,” it’s not entirely accurate. Custom packaging is definitely a big part of what we do and it’s undoubtedly the shortest response to a really broad question, but packaging for us can also be a starting point.

One of the many services we offer is assessment and analysis of a customer’s supply chain to find room for improvement. Since we’re experts at packaging, we also know a thing or two about how deal with packaged items. This comes in quite handy when we’re invited to examine parts of our customer’s supply chain. Our specialists are able to pinpoint areas for improvement in these systems to enhance efficiency and streamline performance. It sounds like a lot of business jargon, but it’s easy to explain.

Imagine that the only thing in your refrigerator is jars of pickles. How many jars can you fit on a shelf, or in the door, or in those vegetable drawers at the bottom? Pickle jars don’t stack very well, and they’re usually round so there’s a lot of empty space in between them. It’s really not the best way to fill your fridge. But what if you could redesign the packaging to make the most out of the available space? Could you double or even triple the amount of pickles your refrigerator could hold? It seems ridiculous, but this gives you an idea of the importance of using space to its greatest capacity. This is part of what we do to help our customers by finding new ways to configure their warehouses and delivery locations. We also have expert-level abilities in redesigning a variety of packaging styles (even pickle jars!) so we can help customers in all sorts of industries to stack, shelve, and load their products more efficiently.

This isn’t just about being smarter with their physical space, because this also can be used to improve their customer experience. If we can reduce the packaging for a piece of equipment, it can take up less space inside a delivery truck. This means that the delivery cost per unit drops, which enables the manufacturer to be more competitive with their pricing. If we help them to become more efficient, they can be more profitable, and those new-found profits can give them the ability to expand or innovate or excel in a variety of directions.

These are just a few simple examples of what we can do we assess and analyze business practices, but it should give you an idea of how these somewhat abstract processes can make a real difference to our clients. “We design custom packaging” is a lot less of a mouthful, but there’s so much more to us that we’d love to show you.

If you think that you’ve got room to improve in your operation but you’re not quite sure how, let Western Industries take a peek and see where your opportunities lie. Our staff is eager to find ways to maximize your value and give you room to grow.

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