Oklahoma City Wooden Crates and Foam

Wooden Crates in Oklahoma City

Custom wooden crates have been used in shipping for centuries, and they’re still around today. An ideal crate gives you strength and mobility while providing easy access to its contents. Western Industries is an expert in designing crates, and we’d love to make one for your next project. We’ve crated items for products used in manufacturing, transportation, construction, and even the oil industry. Wooden crates are cost-effective and versatile, so get in touch with us and let’s see what we can crate up for you.


These days, Western Industries can use foam to do almost anything, but it works best in custom packaging designs. We offer a variety of foam products, and they can all be cut, formed, and shaped using the latest processes to create custom packaging for any industry. Our designers can help you incorporate foam in to almost any custom container to deliver higher levels of product quality to customers while adding lower breakage and replacement costs to your logistics process.

Custom Package

Our team of experienced packaging designers can craft a custom package for almost any product. Custom packaging can reduce breakage, increase pallet capacity, and lower shipping costs for most products. Western Industries has been creating customized packaging for years, and we’re ready to show you how a custom package design can help increase customer satisfaction while it saves you money. With a wide variety of materials and all the latest production processes, we can easily create the custom package solution for any product. 


Pallets are one of the most basic tools in the shipping industry, and we can make them to fit almost any product. Wooden pallets, plastic pallets, or even wire pallets can be constructed to your specifications. A well-designed pallet can reduce shipping and storage costs by maximizing space in warehouses and delivery vehicles. A custom pallet can last for years, making it an easy way to add continued savings and success to your logistic process. Come see what a custom pallet from Western Industries can do to streamline your operation.

Electronics Packaging

Protecting your electronic products while minimizing packaging is an art, and at Western Industries, you’ve got the best artists in the business. Custom packaging for electronics and tech products can give you a user-friendly container that reduces breakage, minimizes shipping costs, and helps you streamline your logistics operation. You’ll have happier customers and a healthy bottom line when you let Western Industries design the container for your next high-tech product.

Corrugated Plastic

The strength and versatility of corrugated plastic makes it a perfect choice when you’re looking for a new way to pack and ship your products. This water-resistant, lightweight material offers exceptional rigidity and a body that’s easy to cut and form for precision, custom-made packaging. Corrugated plastic is made in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, offering an option for anything from the smallest to largest products.

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