Case Studies

Every industry has its unique challenges. Here are some of the innovative ways we have helped our customers.

Creating Reusable Packaging

A defense contractor was having challenges with the cost of their reusable packaging and with getting the packaging back from customers.


The freight was costly due to their spread out supply chain, attrition rates were high, edge damage was happening, and their truck yields were not optimized due to the current design not allowing double stacking within trucks.


WIC designed a corrugated paper solution on a custom wooden pallet that was single-use and recyclable. The design was much lower in cost, and allowed double stacking in the trucks, effectively doubling the freight yield.


Because of the way the packaging was designed to allow for stacking, it also provided better edge protection. Finally, the design came to the customer knock down flat (KDF), which reduced their warehousing space for packaging not in use.


Reduced Freight 50%

Reduced Cost 75%

Eliminated return freight Expense

Reduced Damage Rates