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Customized Solutions from Our Military Case Study

One of our clients, a defense contractor, was having an issue with their reusable packaging. We can’t obviously go into details about their business, but you can understand they were having trouble.

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All Creatures (or Containers) Great and Small

At Western Industries, however, we don’t do much that’s typical. When our customers come to us, it’s because they’ve got something that’s outside of the norm. In fact, if we’re doing our job right, our projects are focused on particular products and geared towards solving very specific issues that normal, market-ready containers just can’t handle.

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An Ode to the Humble Pallet

In the first part of the 21st century, hipsters and DIY-enthusiasts began turning used shipping pallets into furniture. They presented this construction technique as some sort of improvement – turning a boring old pallet into a coffee table or nightstand.

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Stop Shipping Away Your Dollars: Find Supply Chain Savings

Western Industries is more than just a fancy box manufacturer. When we get to tackle the really meaningful challenges, we can save our clients enormous sums by streamlining their supply chain. It’s an effective way to add efficiency to an operation, but sometimes it’s a little tricky to explain.

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Digital Cutters

Digital cutters – one more tool to make your custom packaging dreams a reality. If you’re following us on LinkedIn or Instagram, you might have seen us recently showing off our digital cutter. If you’re not following us, pick up your phone and give us a follow. Our handle is @wicpack.

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