Western Industries Executive Summary

Western Industries Corporation (WIC) provides diverse engineered packaging solutions to some of the World’s leading companies. Today, we are directly operating branch locations in the US, Mexico and Singapore as well as alliances in the US, Canada, China and Central Europe. The processes and procedures adopted to operate these locations are intentionally managed for identical support from all regions. Today we offer supply chain optimization from a packaging focus including corrugated boxes, wood crates, custom fabricated foams and plastics, films and packaging supplies. Services include value analysis consulting, packaging engineering and design, manufacturing, warehousing and inventory management. Specific examples include:

  • Export crating and packing of semiconductor wafer processing systems
  • Wood/foam/corrugated packaging for electronic fuel pump packaging
  • Packaging assemblies for military and domestic avionics equipment
  • Wooden bases and boxes and custom foam for HVAC equipment
  • Foam/Corrugated medical device packaging
  • “Reman” packaging for disc drives, cell phones, computers, displays
  • Shock management crating for computer racks, controls and telecom
  • “Spares” packaging fulfillment for HVAC and Semiconductor service


Engineered packaging solutions that minimize cost and maximize supply chain performance